Deviled Eggs!

Mmm. There really is nothing quite like delicious deviled eggs. Below is the original link I got from Pinterest:

Luckily I have had several classes this semester who have encouraged my cooking creativity. This week it was for some presentations we were having. So, late one night. After work and classes. I started these puppies. Keep in mind, I doubled this recipe since I was cooking for a large crowd.

Ingredients are simple:


Please excuse the garlic. It was for something else and I was not thinking clearly. Remember, school and work. haha

Also, I had two dozen eggs that were already boiling at this point. Two. Dozen.


Yup. Two saucepans going. Along with my boyfriend’s sweet tea in the making. We were getting lots of kitchen stuff done this night.

Then came the fun part, cooling and then peeling the eggs.


That’s what 24 peeled hard-boiled eggs look like. Ugh. Then, of course, ya split em open and pop out the yolks.


That is 48 egg white halves. Oh boy. 🙂 Then add in your dijon mustard and mayo, salt and pepper to your yolk mix.



Looks much better, right?

Then the fun process of filling the eggs begins. Remember 48 halves.


But hey, I guess they turned out alright. I had to wait until I got back home to add paprika. Apparently three bachelors in one house don’t see the value in many spices.


So the final product. Yum yum yum. In case you forgot, there were 48 of these babies. Took them to class, gone in seconds!

If I had not made two dozen eggs, this would have been a lot faster

and easier. But even as it is, not bad at all.

Time and frustration typically come with the deviled egg making property.

Either way, delicious turn out!


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