Cool Whip Chocolate Pudding Pie (A Classic)

Hey everyone, I realized I just kinda left you all hanging on my super amazing juice fast. So quick update: I did it for a total of about 6 days, lost 10 pounds, had a super crappy day and started eating food again. However, I have been doing it for about three or four days at a time since then. Turns out just drinking fruit and vegetable juice when you’re out of the house all day is pretty annoying.

Now we return to our regularly scheduled recipe filled with sugar!!!

So here is the original recipe:

I feel like we’ve all either done this ourselves before or at the very least eaten a pie like this. They are simple (perfect for most of our daily lives) and fast (I made mine while my boyfriend put together our pizza for dinner). Unfortunately I only got a couple of pictures because there just isn’t much to take pictures of for this one.

First of all, the recipe called for Oreo cookie crumbs in order to make your own crust. I am a college student, I ain’t got time for all of that! So I BOUGHT a chocolate cookie crust from the store. 🙂


So quite basically, you miss all the ingredients together and put them into your pie crust. Insert covered pie into refrigerator and half and hour or so later, voila! dessert!



The bummer of this pie was that I made it at like 11 at night and went out of town the next day accidentally leaving it in my boyfriend’s fridge. Naturally, it was all gone when I got back. 😦 But all the boys said it was delicious!


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