Cornbread Stuffed Jalepeno Poppers

So I have to laugh looking back because when I found this recipe on Pinterest and followed the link to the actual website, the website itself is called “Quick & Easy Recipes”. While this was pretty easy, quick would not be my first chosen word. Granted, I had just come home from a 13 hour day and it was 11 at night, so maybe my patience just wasn’t with it that night. Nevertheless, here we go!

Here is the original link:


So the recipe calls for very simple ingredients. The only problem I can see is the recipe called for a “box” of cornbread mix and there were only bags at my local grocer. That is what I am blaming for my pictures looking so different than the pictures on the actual website! 🙂

The painstaking part was halving all of the jalapenos and stripping them of their seeds and veins. I was doing 12 jalapenos so it took quite a bit of time to do this with each half.


Then you mix up the cornbread mix according to the instructions on the back of your… bag/box.


And add your entire can of corn and a cup of cheese. Yummy looking huh? I don’t know if maybe I added too much milk or what, but my batter was straight liquid with corn and cheese chunks in it! (Something I will definitely work on next time I try this out.)

Then fill each half of the jalapenos with batter. Make sure you get enough actual batter in there. Again, this was difficult for me because it was so liquidy.


See how weird that looks!

Then top each half with MORE cheese! (Now you can see why I wanted to try this so badly!)


Unfortunately, because it was well past midnight when these babies were done, I did not get a finished product picture. I brought them to class the next morning and was going to take one then but they were devoured before I could even think about it! Although I did not think they were anything to write home about (and certainly looked way different than they did on the website) 24 halves of cornbread stuffed jalapenos were gone between 6 people in under 5 minutes. So I guess they were good enough! I will definitely try this again after I make some adjustments and variations to the batter itself.

UPDATE: I tried these again because they were such a big hit. This time I went to a different grocery store and found the exact cornbread mix used in the link and it actually produced a BATTER instead of a liquid! Holy mess, these are so much better when done with the right stuff! So don’t skimp! Mmmmmmmmm…..


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