This is How We Juice It!

Ladies and gentlemen,

I have begun a journey and I can’t say it is easy. After watching the documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”, a seed was planted deep in my… belly? You see, this documentary follows an Australian man as he loses over a hundred pounds in 60 days. How did he do this you ask? By juicing. That’s right, nothing but juiced fruits and vegetables for 60 days. I know what you’re thinking, what a nut job, right? Who only DRINKS fresh juice all day every day?! That’s absurd! I thought I could never do something like that and didn’t even want to try. However, after doing some research and thinking about my own weight struggle over the last few years, I thought what the heck? Why not? But I love food so much.

I’m gonna get deep on y’all for a minute. I have not been happy with my body in a couple of years now. When I went off to “university” in southern Alabama a couple of years ago, I was ready to party. And party I did. Staying up all night, drinking, Taco Bell at 4am. I was also more stressed about money than I had ever been up to that point (or since for that matter) and just did not handle things well. As a result I gained over 30 pounds in my first semester away. Fortunately, once I realized this, I was able to curb it and haven’t really gained anything since. That was fall of 2010 and I have had a terrible time trying to take it off. I have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome and it is very easy to gain weight and impossible to lose it. Oh yeah, I also love food.

So I’ve tried a little of everything: the HCG diet, regular dieting, exercising every day, the whole nine. But I found in exercising, I could only do it for a couple of days in a row before the pressure on my knees and shins made it nearly unbearable to walk. So I would take a couple of days off… which inevitably turned into a couple of weeks. And with dieting, I just don’t have the time or money to put into “good” “organic” foods all the time. Did I mention that I love food?

Alright, so I watched this stupid documentary and didn’t think anything of it again. Or so I thought. Here I am, almost a month later and I am on day 4 of my all juice cleanse. Yup, I guess that guy wormed his way into my brain somehow and made me think this was an awesome idea. And in reality, it is. I woke up this morning and weighed myself, as I’ve been doing every morning since I started this Monday. I have dropped a total of 6.2 pounds in three days of juicing!! I have also lost almost three inches all over! I feel like an infomercial right now, but seriously, I feel amazing! It really hasn’t been that hard as my life involves a lot of running around and distractions.

So enough with the persuasion. Check it out yourself, or don’t. Ask questions, or don’t. All I know is my “7 day experiment” is about to turn into a three week commitment and a life long dedication.

By the way, I would much rather drink my veggies than eat them so this week’s recipe is a vegetable juice and you can find all kinds of them on this website:

This one is one Kale leaf, one green apple, one whole cucumber, and three stalks of celery.



Yummy looking, huh? I’m going to be honest with you, this was not the best tasting thing I have ever ingested, but boy did I feel amazing afterwards!


This ^ is just a picture of all of the pulp leftover. It is just raw fruits and veggies no sweeteners or anything else. Probably starting next week I will start eating a small dinner of protein and juice for breakfast and lunch. Stay tuned to this incredible journey I am on!


2 thoughts on “This is How We Juice It!

    • You know, I really do. Sure there are times that my tummy starts growling, but that’s just because I am away from home all day so I can’t juice anytime I want. You can drink as much as you want during the day and it definitely fills you up for awhile.

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