Back to basic- Red Velvet Cake Drink

After the complicated recipe I posted last time, I thought I would back it up a bit. I did, after all, promise simple. So this recipe comes from the kind people at Pinnacle Vodka. I had a bottle of their delicious Cake Vodka sitting in my freezer for a long, long time. Wondering what I should do with it, I downloaded Pinnacle’s complete recipe guide (YAY!) and starting searching. That’s when it hit me: red velvet as an alcoholic beverage?!?! I felt much the same way I imagine you are feeling right now, butterflies in the stomach? Tears in the eyes? Perhaps you know it as the emotion of love? Well that is what I felt. And seeing as how my last recipe was a complicated way to get red velvet, it only seemed fitting that my very next post would simplify it. So here goes.

Ingredients: Pinnacle Cake Vodka, Crave Sweet Chocolate Chili Liqueur, and some grenadine


First, a little cake flavored vodka. Mmmm… Picture quality is dumb, I was at my boyfriend’s so I had to use my phone.


The recipe says to add equal parts vodka and the liqueur. However, through a little trial and error, this makes the drink very thick and syrupy. Not my personal idea of delicious. So I added 1 part liqueur to the 2 parts vodka. You can tell even from the picture that the two didn’t blend well on their own.


Then, just a splash of grenadine and stir it all up


Quite tasty. Like I said, I altered it a tad and even this way the drink is pretty thick, so try it out for yourself. It definitely tastes just like red velvet which is all that matters to me! Yum!



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